Therapeutic Riding Center

Divine Equine

Hello, I am Adak and I am the oldest of them all here.  Everyone loves me after they get to know me.  I am a go lucky kind of guy.  I can still trot all day long if they would let me.  Best of all I love to be brushed all day.  Feed me peppermints and I will follow you anywhere.  Sometimes I act like I am 3, especially when it is feeding time.  
  • ​Morgan
  • Chestnut
  • Gelding
  • ​16 hands
  • ​23 yrs. old
Hello, I am the newest therapeutic horse here.  I love being able to play with all the riders that come here.  While I am in training for single riders I love it when I get to do my therapeutic classes.  I have a horse leader and 3 side-walkers at times, who love on me while I am taking slow walks in the arena.
  • Quarter Horse Pony
  • Line Back Dunn
  • Mare 
  • ​13 hands
  • ​6 yrs. old

Meet the Horses

Humans and horses have long had a mutually beneficial association -- from pre-historic times to present day.  This unique relationship now includes people with special needs and requires horses with unusual qualities and training.  We have been very fortunate and very privileged to share our work with some incredible horses.  They are at the heart of our programs and as, have become so much a part of each and every one of us.  We proudly introduce you to our horses.