Therapeutic Riding Center

Divine Equine


Ongoing Items Always in Need For the Horses

  • Hay (round and square bales)   $45.00 for Round/ $6.00 Square; Schindler Farms
  • Bedding   Pallet- quantity for discounted price $5.99 a 40lb bag; Garner Feed and Seed
  • Grain   Muenster Milestone Life $14.34, 40lb bag; bulk for discount.  Celina D&L Farm and Home
  • Need Senior feed $24.99 a bag 
  • Salt and Mineral Blocks white /red mineral block and bag


  • Wormers:  Ivernmectrin, Pranzipuantel, Safeguard, Zimectrin Gold - prices differ, vet wraps, needles 
  • Medicines – Banamine, SMZ, B12 Complex, Deximethizone, Antibiotic ointment, Cortisone Cream, 

Other Items We Can Use

Horse Needs

  • Halter
  • Horse blankets (in all size)
  • Queen Flat Sheets
  • Lead lines
  • Hand Toilettes
  • Fly spray & bottle
  • Totes for all sizes
  • Bleach
  • Equine Shampoo
  • Conditioners

Human needs

  • Paper towels
  •  Hand sanitier
  • Hand soap
  • Toilet Paper

Office Needs

  • File Folders
  • White out, reuse of folders
  • Printer
  • Lap top
  • Ink


  • Sponsorships                                                                
  • Indoor Arena                                                                
  • Electrical                                                                        
  • Water line
  • Automatic Waters on North side of Barn              
  • Hay barn built or purchased                                     
  • Equipment Storage building                                       

Projects to be designed and built

Event & Fundraiser help

Paddocks covered, have material need welder

Fence repair

Lighting for arena, back & tack area

Trail bridges & upkeep

Camp Pavilion